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A Million Dollars Worth of Fat by Mona Love: Keisha Long is cute, funny, and is always the life of the party but she is also 320 pounds and lonely. She's tried dating apps, blind dates, and everything else she can think of, but nothing has gotten her further than the friend zone and more "I like you like a sister" speeches than she can count on all her fingers and toes. Things change for Keisha when she buys a winning lottery ticket worth 54 million dollars. Suddenly, she has more suitors than she can keep up with. Darius, Wilson, Tony, Keith, and Malek all come knocking on her door, but are any of them interested in the real her, and not just her newfound wealth? Can money buy you happiness? Keisha will find out - or maybe she won't. Complications by Katt: Secret Johnson has been slim all her life, but since she had her second child and turned 38, she has gained almost seventy pounds.

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