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36 Lectures 1A Personal Path to Lifelong Health 2The Cellular Biology of Aging 3The Physiology of Aging 4Myths of Aging-Magical Times and Places 5Myths of Aging-Magical Substances 6Optimizing Health-Tests and Procedures 7Optimizing Health-Prevention 8How We Look-Surgery and Skin-Care 9The End of the Journey-Death and Dying 10Health Advances on the Horizon 11Nutrition-Choices for a Healthy Life 12The Physiology of Nutrition 13The Role of Vitamins 14The Role of Supplements 15Whole Foods for Optimum Health 16The Good Fats 17Sugar, Salt, Allergies, and Additives 18The Physiology of Weight Management 19Healthful Eating versus Fad Diets 20Movement and Recreation-a.k.a. Exercise 21The Physiology of Muscle 22Resistance Training and Weight Training 23Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise 24Exercise in Dealing with Injury and Disease 25Joy in Movement-Sports and Exercise Options 26Martial Arts and Yoga 27Mental Health and Stress Reduction 28Brain Physiology, Alzheimer's, and Dementia 29Maintaining Your Mental Edge 30Focus on Women's Health 31Focus on Menopause 32Focus on Men's Health 33Focus on Children's and Adolescents' Health 34Healthy Choices in Your Daily Life 35Becoming an Educated Patient 36Here's to Your Healthy Life! .

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