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24 Lectures 1 Jesus - The Man Who Became God 2 Greco-Roman Gods Who Became Human 3 Humans as Gods in the Greco-Roman World 4 Gods Who Were Human in Ancient Judaism 5 Ancient Jews Who Were Gods 6 The Life and Teachings of Jesus 7 Did Jesus Think He Was God? 8 The Death of Jesus - Historical Certainties 9 Jesuss Death - What Historians Cant Know 10 The Resurrection - What Historians Cant Know 11 What History Reveals about the Resurrection 12 The Disciples Visions of Jesus 13 Jesuss Exaltation - Earliest Christian Views 14 The Backward Movement of Christology 15 Pauls View - Christs Elevated Divinity 16 Johns View - The Word Made Human 17 Was Christ Human? The Docetic View 18 The Divided Christ of the Separationists 19 Christs Dual Nature - Proto-Orthodoxy 20 The Birth of the Trinity 21 The Arian Controversy 22 The Conversion of Constantine 23 The Council of Nicea 24 Once Jesus Became God,.

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