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From the New York Times bestselling author of Walking the Bible and Abraham comes a revelatory journey across four continents and 4,000 years exploring how Adam and Eve introduced the idea of love into the world, and how they continue to shape our deepest feelings about relationships, family, and togetherness.

Since antiquity, one story has stood at the center of every conversation about men and women. One couple has been the battleground for human relationships and sexual identity. That couple is Adam and Eve. Yet instead of celebrating them, history has blamed them for bringing sin, deceit, and death into the world.

In this fresh retelling of their story, New York Times columnist and PBS host Bruce Feiler travels from the Garden of Eden in Iraq to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, from John Milton's London to Mae West's Hollywood, discovering how Adam and Eve should be hailed as exemplars of a long-term, healthy, resilient relationship. At a time of discord and fear over the strength of our social fabric, Feiler shows how history's first couple can again be role models for unity, forgiveness, and love.

Containing all the humor, insight, and wisdom that have endeared Bruce Feiler to readers around the world, The First Love Story is an unforgettable journey that restores Adam and Eve to their rightful place as central figures in our culture's imagination and reminds us that even our most familiar stories still have the ability to surprise, inspire, and guide us today.

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Bruce Feiler

BRUCE FEILER is one of America's most popular voices on contemporary life. He writes the "This Life" column for the Sunday New York Times and is the author of six consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including ABRAHAM and THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES. He is the writer and host of the PBS series WALKING THE BIBLE and SACRED JOURNEYS WITH BRUCE FEILER. His latest book, THE FIRST LOVE STORY: Adam, Eve, and Us, is revelatory journey across four continents and 4,000 years exploring how Adam and Eve introduced the idea of love into the world, and how they continue to shape our deepest feelings about relationships, togetherness, and social cohesion. "Feiler's best work yet," said Publishers Weekly.

Since 2001, Bruce has been one of the country's preeminent thinkers, writers, and speakers about the role of religion in contemporary life. WALKING THE BIBLE describes his perilous, 10,000-mile journey retracing the Five Books of Moses through the desert. The book was hailed as an "instant classic" by the Washington Post. It spent more than a year and a half on the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into fifteen languages. The Wall Street Journal called the three-part PBS series WALKING THE BIBLE WITH BRUCE FEILER "beguiling."

ABRAHAM recounts his personal search for the shared ancestor of the monotheistic religions. "Exquisitely written," wrote the Boston Globe. WHERE GOD WAS BORN describes his trek visiting biblical sites throughout Israel, Iraq, and Iran. "Bruce Feiler is a real-life Indiana Jones," wrote the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. AMERICA'S PROPHET is the groundbreaking story of the influence of Moses on American history. All three were Top 10 bestsellers.

In SACRED JOURNEYS WITH BRUCE FEILER, Bruce goes on six historic pilgrimages around the world, from India to Nigeria to Saudi Arabia. "Feiler is the perfect guide," said Newsday.

Bruce also speaks beautifully about surviving cancer as an adult. THE COUNCIL OF DADS is the international sensation that describes how faced with one of life's greatest challenges, he asked six friends to help support his young daughters. The book was profiled in PEOPLE, USA Today, and Time, and was the subject of a one-hour CNN documentary hosted by Sanjay Gupta.

His last book, THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES, is a bold playbook for families today. It collects best practices for busy parents from some of the country's most creative minds. The book was featured on World News, Nightline, GMA, the Today Show, and TED, and excerpted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Parade, and was a Top 5 New York Times bestseller.

Bruce Feiler has written for numerous publications, including The New Yorker, Parade, and Gourmet, where he won three James Beard Awards. He is also a frequent commentator on contemporary events. A former cir

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