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HR Director and author of four job search books Dan Quillen shows readers how to craft an incredible resume that will get job-seekers in the door!

Dan Quillen calls on his expertise as an HR professional (and as one who lost and found a job in the toughest economic environment since the Great Depression) to help his readers understand the New Economy, and how to find work when many cannot. The Perfect Resume second edition focuses on that most important tool in the job hunter's quiver -- the resume. Quillen walks his readers through the technical aspects of resume writing, but also helps them understand the tricks of the resume-writing trade. He teaches readers how to write resumes that end up in the hands of hiring managers, not screened by gatekeepers and deposited in the recycle bin. Topics covered:
* The current economic environment
* You lost your job -- what do you do now?!
* The importance of a resume
* The mechanics of resume writing
* Three types of resumes and their uses (Chronological, Functional, Combination)
* One size doesn't fit all (Targeting your resume)
* Your resume template * How to handle resume difficulties (Gaps in employment, Short-term employment, Lack of experience)
* Section-by-section resume reviews

* New Appendix shows 10 different resume samples

About the Author

Dan Quillen

Author's Biography
W. Daniel Quillen

From a very early age, Daniel Quillen has been a writer. Whether school newspapers, brochures for major corporations, detailed articles in technical journals or client newsletters, Quillen has been drawn to the writer's craft.

For years Quillen was a professional writer for a Fortune 10 company. Several years ago he decided to leverage his corporate writing abilities into the public market. Since that decision, he has published fifteen books, several of which have gone through various editions. His books have been on a variety of topics, from travel guides (Ireland, Scotland and Dublin) to genealogy to finding employment. In addition, he has also had a number of articles published in national and local publications.

An item of interest to editors is that Quillen is cursed with a proofreader's eye -- his submissions generally require little in the way of editing or correction. Regardless, he is always open to direction and recommendations from his editors. His books always include interesting tidbits of information, often presented in a humorous or off-beat manner. His humor and the passion with which he writes are often mentioned in reviews of his books:

Veteran student of Ireland Dan McQuillan ... presents his ancestral land with verve and rollicking style, which makes for engaging reading. (Odyssey Magazine on Ireland Guide)

Shows those new to the hobby how to begin ... while showing seasoned family historians some new tricks ... with passion and a touch of humor. (Family Chronicle magazine on Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors.)

Of all the books I have looked at, yours is the best...you write with your heart and soul. Thanks for writing such a great book. (Reader comments for Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors)

The book is very well written and easy to understand. (Reader comments for Ireland Guide)

When he is not writing, Quillen is an HR professional, serving for a decade as the Director of Human Resources for one of the largest law firms in the nation, and currently the Director of Human Resources at the third-largest city in Colorado. That, along with being the father of six children, may make some individuals question his common sense.

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