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More than 20 percent of Americans are of Irish or British descent and W. Daniel Quillen offers special advice just for these do-it-yourself genealogists.More than 63 million Americans claim Irish or British ancestry. And many of those millions are searching for their ancestral roots. Most won’t be able to trace back many generations before they have to “leap across the pond” in search of their ancestors, and Volume V in Quillen’s Essentials of Genealogy helps budding genealogists do just that. Topics addressed in the book include: · Where to find Irish and British records · How to access these records · How to use the Internet to help you in your search · Necessary preparations for a trip abroad to do research in these countries · Pitfalls and issues in obtaining such records · Research tips specifically geared for England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales New to this edition: more in-depth treatment of tracing your Scottish ancestors.

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W. Daniel Quillen

For more than 20 years, W. Daniel Quillen has been a professional writer specializing in travel and technical subjects. He has taught beginning genealogy courses to university students and working adults, and is a frequent lecturer in beginning and intermediate genealogy classes in Colorado. He has compiled his years of genealogical training and research into a growing series of genealogy how-to books. He lives in Centennial, Colorado, with his wife and children.

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