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With Moon Power, women can connect with the primal, feminine lunar power.There was a time when the feminine and her guiding light, the Moon, were all-powerful. Men were seen primarily as consorts to the Great Goddess, as embodied in every woman. In these peaceful, agrarian societies, primal feminine powers - intuition, emotion, sexuality, creation, communion with nature - were honored. And the moon, which waxed and waned in predictable cycles, was a symbol for the birth, growth, death, and renewal of life on Earth.Moon Power's 12 chapters each represents a moon sign. The introduction describes what's meant by Moon Power, provides some history about ancient moon worship, and explains why it went underground. The basics of moon phases and the meaning of new and full moons are explained.

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Simone Butler

Simone Butler is a Moonchild and has lived the lunar mysteries all her life. Her latest book, Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with your Inner Goddess, is now available on amazon. com. As a professional astrologer since 1985, Simone lectures and writes on astrology and the arts. She has written extensively for the Starscroll, The Mountain Astrologer and Tarot. com. Her first book was Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life. Simone lives in San Diego with her two cats. . You can sign up to receive her entertaining bi-monthly blogs at

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