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"How do you get your protein?" As a vegan, you're sure to get asked this question often. Most likely, you've even thought about it yourself. Vegan protein comes from things like tofu and tempeh, to beans, nuts, and protein-rich whole grains like quinoa. There are loads of options out there, but how to prepare them? What to put them in? These are questions that can feel daunting, especially if you haven't used these ingredients before. Never fear, Celine Steen and Tamasin Noyes to the rescue! The Great Vegan Protein Book takes you step-by-step through each protein-rich vegan food group, providing you with valuable information on how to prepare the ingredient along with more than one hundred delicious and easy recipes (many of them low-fat, soy free, and gluten-free!) .

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Celine Steen

Celine was born and raised in Switzerland, but moved to the United States in 1999 and has lived there ever since.
Her favorite pastimes include biking, being a nuisance to her cats and husband, baking, and food photography.
She is the founder of a blog called Have Cake, Will Travel.
You can contact her at celine@havecakewilltravel.com.

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