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It was the winter of 1902; South African park ranger Harry Wolhuter was on horseback, patrolling the area for poachers at Kruger National Park. Little did he know, he was also being stalked. Out of nowhere, two huge male lions pounced on Harry's horse, knocking the man to the ground. The horse ran off, leaving Harry to fend for himself. One of the lions lunged at him--piercing deep into his flesh and bones--and began to drag him far into the jungle to finish him off. Harry's only hope for survival was the small sheath he carried on his right hip, and he could not reach it easily. With a few quick stabs to the massive beast's chest, he waited and prayed for the best. Miraculously, after spending hours in a tree--drifting in and out of consciousness--with only his terrier standing between him and the second lion, he survived the attack and lived to tell his story.

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