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The ideal book for urban gardeners, indoor gardeners, and vegetable gardeners, Container Gardening Complete is a thorough visual guide that will get you growing quickly!

Whether you are growing vegetables, fruits, or flowers on an apartment balcony; creating a small vegetable garden for personal use; or decorating steps and walkways, Container Gardening Complete has everything you need to know to be successful.

The methods described in this book are foolproof and easy to follow, with step-by-step directions and photographs, scalable projects for differing needs, and many great ideas for upscaled containers from things you have around your home.

You'll get to know the ins and outs of gardening in a small space, from the importance of drainage, irrigation, and other watering concerns to ornamental combinations of plants, and the very best vegetables, fruits, and nonedibles for container gardening.

This is the best, most complete book on the market for container gardening.

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Jessica Walliser

Horticulturist Jessica Walliser is the co-host of KDKA Radio's "The Organic Gardeners" and an award-winning garden columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She is a regular contributor to many national magazines, including Fine Gardening and Hobby Farms. Jessica is a co-owner of SavvyGardening.com and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of The American Horticultural Society. Her company, IronweedApparel.com, creates unique urban farming and gardening t-shirts to help gardeners grow in style. Jessica has authored five gardening books. Her newest title, Container Gardening Complete, is scheduled for release in October of 2017. She's a big fan of plants, insects, microbes, and cupcakes - not necessarily in that order.

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