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Sales expert Jill Konrath offers powerful strategies for sales proficiency in ever-changing situations When sales people are promoted, change jobs, or face new business environments, they inevitably need to learn new skills quickly. This rapid change is often overwhelming, and sellers face an intense pressure from their bosses to deliver immediate results. Their livelihoods are totally dependent on their ability to get up to speed quickly. Sales guru Jill Konrath offers both new and experienced salespeople a plan for rapidly absorbing new information and mastering new skills by becoming agile sellers. Readers will learn the mindsets, learning strategies and habits that they can use in crazy-busy times to start strong and stay nimble. From time management tools to personal motivation, creativity, and gamification strategies, Konrath teaches sellers how to get more done in less time, regardless of the environment.

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Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath is a globally recognized sales strategist, author and keynote speaker. With over 1/4 million LinkedIn followers and 140,000 blog readers, her fresh strategies help sellers win more business in an ever-evolving sales world.

The most recent challenge Jill has tackled is overwhelm. Every sales rep she talked to was crazy-busy, working non-stop. She felt the same way. Today, after several years of serious study, epic battles with deeply ingrained habits and personal experimentation, she's a different person.

In her newest book, MORE SALES, LESS TIME, Jill shares what she learned - the good, the bad and the ugly. (Yes, you'll see some of her warts!) Most importantly, you'll discover how to regain one to two hours per day - and get your mental mojo back so you can be at the top of your sales game.


* AGILE SELLING helps you quickly get up to speed whenever you need to learn new info or skills. It's filled with rapid learning strategies and productivity tips to help you work smarter, not harder.

* SNAP SELLING helps you capture and keep the attention of today's crazy-busy decision makers. It soared to #1 Amazon sales book within hours of its release.

* SELLING TO BIG COMPANIES has been an Amazon Top 100 sales book since 2006. Fortune selected it as one of eight "must read" sales books, along with How to Win Friends & Influence People and Getting to Yes.

Jill is frequently quoted by top business media such as: Forbes, Fortune, ABC News, Success, New York Times, Inc., WSJ, Entrepreneur, Business Journal and FOX News.

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