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When you get lost, you feel awful. And finding your way through life's morass can be difficult-even impossible. Do you feel weak, tired, and powerless? Dr. Deb Carlin is here to guide you. We all possess strength, inner fortitude, and confidence, but often lack the capacity to truly utilize them. Build the Strength Within can help you make the most of your abilities, find joy, and reap the rewards of your success. Renowned psychologist, business consultant, and author Dr. Deb Carlin is known for guiding clients-both organizations and individuals-to achieve the critical integration of their personal and professional lives. By blending her personal experiences with clients and scientific data and theories that underscore the importance of a clear and intentional life plan, Carlin provides the necessary tools and exercises to turn your life around.

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Deb Carlin

Dr. Carlin focuses on people's attitudes and perceptions and helps them gain clarity to maximize their potential and performance. Partners In Excellence is best known for having repeated success turning negative situations into positive and productive ones. Many identify her work as enhancing corporate culture, improving community unity, and bettering communication within groups of all types and sizes. Her goal, on every project, is to work as a partner helping individuals and organizations reach a level of measurable performance excellence, both personally and professionally. She is fearless about being direct, but compassionate about exposing incompetence, non-compliance, and absolute arrogance. She calls for, invites and encourages integrity, honesty, and tangible achievement with the goal of creating environments where trust can be sustained and thrive. Everything is possible when there is a high level of trust.

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