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Elle is a psychological thriller that recounts thirty days in the life of its heroine Michèle - powerfully portrayed by Isabelle Huppert in Paul Verhoeven's award-winning film - where memory, sex, and death collide at every page. A few weeks before Christmas, Michèle picks herself up from her living room floor. She has been raped. She has almost no recollection of her attacker but she senses his presence - he is never far away - and this uncanny feeling triggers a whirlwind of events and memories. She begins to fear she is losing her grip on a life already complicated by a demanding job, an ex-husband with a new girlfriend, a jealous lover, and a son trapped in a relationship with his girlfriend pregnant by another man. Hardened by the consequences of her father's violent past, Michèle - in her fifties, fiercely independent and unsentimental - refuses to be reduced to a victim.

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