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For many of us, our home is the center of our life. It is the place where our families meet and mingle, where we share our meals and share our dreams. So much more than just a space to live, our homes offer us a place of comfort, nourishment, and love for us and for our children. In Handmade Home, Amanda Blake Soule, author of The Creative Family and the blog SouleMama.com, offers simple sewing and craft projects for the home that reflect the needs, activities, and personalities of todays families. As Amanda writes in the introduction, As a crafter, Im always looking for the next thing I want to make. As a mama, Im always looking for the next thing we need—to do, to have, to use—as a family. The coming together of these parts is where the heart of Handmade Home lies.

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Amanda Blake Soule

I'm Amanda, and I live in beautiful Portland, Maine with my husband, Steve, and our three young adventure-seekers - Calvin, Ezra, and Adelaide. Our days are spent making things, exploring our coastal Maine surroundings, and growing together as a family. I've always had a love of textiles and crafting, but it wasn't until the birth of my first child that creating became an essential part of my daily life. Making things became a way for me to nurture myself in the busy and giving role of Mama, as well as a way to save money and conserve resources by repurposing readily available materials. Making things also allows me to connect with countless women before me and share my love - through the gift of handmade - with those dearest to me. Creating with my children - inherently the most creative beings of all - is a source of tremendous inspiration, growth and connection for our entire family. Whether through sewing, paper craft, music, cooking, nature exploration, or imaginative play, I believe there are many ways for each of us - regardless of our skills - to express creativity in our daily lives. The benefits go far beyond a finished project when they both nurture and connect the soul of the family. It is my hope to inspire other families to incorporate creativity into their own lives.

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