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When a special activity evolves into a tradition within a family, it creates meaning, connection, and community and makes common occasions more momentous and memorable. Establishing a sense of stability and shared history has never been more important to parents than it is today, as families become more fractured and scattered. THE JOY OF FAMILY TRADITIONS offers more than 400 fresh ideas and creative approaches to cultivating birthday, anniversary, holiday, and other rite-of-passage and seasonal traditions that strengthen personal bonds and reflect a family's individual style, spirituality, and values. Inspires and instructs families on how to create, personalize, adapt, and preserve relevant traditions that reflect how we live today. Explores the historical, cultural, and often quirky origins of holidays, customs, and milestones, both uncommon and familiar.

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Jennifer Trainer Thompson

Jennifer Trainer Thompson was born in Boston, Massachusetts. A tenth-generation Yankee, she grew up in Boston, Maine, Indiana, and Southeastern Massachusetts. She attended Earlham College and graduated with a B.A. in English literature from Tufts University. After a stint helping to deliver sailboats from Mount Desert Island (Maine) to the British Virgin Islands, she moved to New York and became an editor's assistant at Simon & Schuster. Her boss fired her (a good thing) and encouraged her to write; she landed her first book contract at age 23 and co-authored NUCLEAR POWER: BOTH SIDES with physicist Michio Kaku. Jennifer and Michio teamed up for a second book, BEYOND EINSTEIN, which has been translated into a dozen languages. She writes about what interests her, which has led her down the path of the unified field theory, beer, hot sauces, travel, traditions, contemporary art, and chickens. She lives in the Berkshires. Find her at http://jumpupandkiss.me/

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