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Since the turn of the twenty-first century, justice movements have been growing to abolish labor slavery, end sex trafficking, and protect the world's poorest and most vulnerable from the violence that engulfs their lives. Christians in increasing numbers are joining and leading these justice movements, having awakened to the depth of suffering in our world today. But even the most passion-driven good intentions in reaction to these staggering needs can all too easily falter. " The Justice Calling "invites us to enter into the story of Scripture as we open our eyes to the needs of the world so that we might be drawn to know, above all, the God who calls us and gives us strength--through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit--to persevere in seeking God's justice. Authors Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson weave together a biblical theology of justice, building on the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation as they explore stories of injustice around the globe today. At every turn they spur followers of Jesus Christ to root their passion for justice in persevering hope, fueled by knowing the God of rescue and restoration who calls us to himself. Each chapter of the book offers an invitation to a practice that can further form us into God's people who, strengthened by God's Spirit, join God's work of setting things right in the world.

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