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Travis Gets Lucky: When Travis thinks that a lucky charm has given him the right tools to work on his own on a difficult job, what will happen when he loses it? Wendy’s Big Night Out: Wendy is nervous about delivering a very important speech for Mr. Sabatini’s new restaurant – can she dig up the confidence to get the job done? Molly’s Fashion Show: After some paint goes flying, Molly finds inspiration and a positive attitude for her fashion show in a very unusual place – can she finish her project? Pilchard and the Field Mice: Bob must dig up the answer to a mystery when he discovers that some tasty cookies are missing; but, has Pilchard known the culprit all along? Trix’s Pumpkin Pie: Trix tries to help out by hauling almost everything herself! When she takes on one job too many, will she need to call in the can-do crew? .

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