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Become a full-time foodie with this step-by-step guide to entering the professional world of cooking baking and running a culinary businessDesigned to inspire creative expression and help aspiring chefs achieve their dreams So You Want to Be a Chef defines the pathways fine dining and cuisine professions from being a sous chef pastry chef or chef de cuisine to becoming a caterer or restaurateur and more In addition to tips from professionals in the industry So You Want to Be a Chef includes inspiring stories from successful young cooks and a full list of resources to help you on your way to chefdom

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J. M. Bedell

J.M. Bedell is a nonfiction writer and the author of several books for young readers, including "So, You Want to Be a Chef? ," "Finding Courage: History's Young Heroes and Their Amazing Deeds," "Combating Terrorism," "Teens in Pakistan" and "Hildur, Queen of the Elves." She is also a ghost writer of several nonfiction books and web articles, as well as a contract writer for other nonfiction projects like corporate training manuals. When she is not focused on a nonfiction project, she loves to research and write middle grade historical fiction, like "Saving Liberty." She lives in Gaston, Oregon with her husband, two dogs, six goats, nine chickens and a flock of guinea fowl. For more information, visit her website at www.jmbedell.com.

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