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The surprise secret use for a slow cooker is authentic-tasting barbecue -- without the workEveryone knows that the slow cooker breaks down tough meat into mouth-watering, meltingly delicious dinners. With the right spices, sauces, and rubs, as well as a bit of secret sauce (liquid smoke) , chicken, beef, pork, and more mimic their grilled counterpart -- without the need to stand over a hot fire, worried as much about overcooking as undercooking. Dump everything in the crockpot and let time and the moist heat do the rest. These recipes boast five ingredients or less, from favorite mains to classic sides, including: Honey-Glazed Baby Back RibsBarbecue and Cola RibsPulled Pork and Avocado BowlSmoky Glazed ChickenSlow Cooker Bacon Baked Beans Go ahead and indulge in easy, no-fuss recipes the whole family will enjoy.

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