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A quirky, timely, and disturbingly beautiful how-to taxidermy guide, emphasizing ethical sourcing and personal expression Whether inspiration came from an exhibition at an edgy art gallery, a visit to the Natural History Museum, or the sight of your crazy uncle's jackalope, more and more people are opening up to the fun and wonder of taxidermy. A mix of art, science, and a touch of alchemy, taxidermy lets you engage with the natural world in ways most other people don't. In Stuffed Animals, Divya Anantharaman and Katie Innamorato demystify the practice, shatter the gross stereotypes, and make taxidermy accessible to anyone, anywhere. Committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing, Anantharaman and Innamorato are part of the vanguard of young taxidermists who bring a sense of fun and experimentation to this old-school hobby.

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Divya Anantharaman

I am a New York City based artist and educator, a taxidermist in residence at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, a board member of the New England Association of Taxidermists, and author of "Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy". I'm also a citizen scientist with my local Audubon Society, serve as a docent at a WCS Zoo, and am a certified TNR rescuer. Animals are my passion, and the work I do is rooted in conserving and protecting wildlife.

I specialize in small mammal and bird taxidermy. I have won awards and honors for my work in both traditional professional and artistic taxidermy competitions, including a Best in Show and Best in Category at the 2015 GSTA Show and Competition, a blue ribbon at the 2016 NEAT show, and have had the honor of having a piece in Breakthrough Magazine (the premiere taxidermy trade publication) .

My work is regularly featured in press as wide and varied as the NY Times, National Geographic, BBC Science Radio, and hit Discovery/Science Channel TV Show Oddities. I've shown at galleries like La Luz de Jesus in LA, Arch Enemy Arts in PA, Rush NYC, and have work on permanent display in the Chamber of Wonders at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. I've created pieces for a variety of artists and celebrities, worked with interior designers on restaurants and bars, and collaborated with people like Baron Ambrosia of The Explorers Club.

I began my foray into taxidermy in 2007 as a self taught artist, working from every manual and video I could get my hands on, and eventually received professional training from award winning traditional taxidermists. and by attending state and national competitions. My previous life in the cutthroat fashion industry meant that I would only start teaching and selling my work after I knew it could hold its own.

As a board member of the New England Association of Taxidermists, I make sure I'm constantly engaged with a wide range of artists and professionals in the taxidermy community to constantly improve and learn. Taxidermy is a place where tradition and experimentation can come together respectfully.

I regularly teach classes that allow for both naturalistic and fantasy pieces. I see taxidermy as a way to celebrate animals, combine art and science, and I want to be able to allow students the freedom to express themselves while making sure the technical aspects are properly followed by teaching professional level techniques. I have taught at a number of venues, from schools, museums, galleries, and oddity shops.

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