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Talking math with your child is simple and even entertaining with this better approach to shapes!

Written by a celebrated math educator, this innovative inquiry encourages critical thinking and sparks memorable mathematical conversations. Children and their parents answer the same question about each set of four shapes: "Which one doesn't belong?" There's no one right answer--the important thing is to have a reason why. Kids might describe the shapes as squished, smooshed, dented, or even goofy. But when they justify their thinking, they're talking math! Winner of the Mathical Book Prize for books that inspire children to see math all around them.

"This is one shape book that will both challenge readers' thinking and encourage them to think outside the box."--Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review

About the Author

Christopher Danielson

Christopher Danielson is a leading curriculum writer, educator, math blogger, and researcher helping to interpret mathematics education research for parents and teachers across the country. He conducts his own research and teaching at Normandale Community College in Minnesota.

He writes regularly on his blog Talking Math with Your Kids.

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