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When Jane Sutcliffe sets out to write a book about William Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre, in her own words, she runs into a problem: Will's words keep popping up all over the place! What's an author to do? After all, Will is responsible for such familiar phrases as "what's done is done" and "too much of a good thing." He even helped turn "household words" into household words. But, Jane embraces her dilemma, writing about Shakespeare, his plays, and his famous phrases with glee. After all, what better words are there to use to write about the greatest writer in the English language than his very own? As readers will discover, "the long and the short of it" is this: Will changed the English language forever.

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Jane Sutcliffe

Jane Sutcliffe thinks nonfiction rocks. She is a children's book author, school visit presenter, library lover, and the owner of one very spoiled dog named Willy. Her nonfiction books include AMELIA EARHART, MILTON HERSHEY, WALT DISNEY and LEONARDO'S MONSTER. Her latest books, STONE GIANT: MICHELANGELO'S DAVID AND HOW HE CAME TO BE, THE WHITE HOUSE IS BURNING: AUGUST 24, 1814, and WILL'S WORDS: HOW WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE CHANGED THE WAY YOU TALK are out now from Charlesbridge.

Visit her at www.janesutcliffe.com or follow her on Twitter @jane_sutcliffe.

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