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This is the story of how the farm maiden and all the farm animals worked together to make the rice pudding that they serve at the fiesta. With the familiarity of "The House That Jack Built," this story bubbles and builds just like the ingredients of the arroz con leche that everyone enjoys. Cleverly incorporating Spanish words, adding a new one in place of the English word from the previous page, this book makes learning the language easy and fun.

Rafael Lopez covers each page with vibrant, exuberant color, celebrating tradition and community.

Back matter includes a glossary of Spanish words and a recipe for arroz con leche - perfect for everyone to make together and enjoy at story time.

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Samantha R. Vamos

I'm the author of six children's picture books: "THE PIÑATA THAT THE FARM MAIDEN HUNG" (2019, Sebastià Serra, illustrator) , "ALPHABET BOATS" (2018) , "ALPHABET TRAINS" (2015) , "ALPHABET TRUCKS" (2013, Ryan O'Rourke illustrator) , "THE CAZUELA THAT THE FARM MAIDEN STIRRED" (2011, Rafael López illustrator) , and "BEFORE YOU WERE HERE, MI AMOR" (2009, Santiago Cohen illustrator) .

"ALPHABET BOATS," "ALPHABET TRAINS," and "ALPHABET TRUCKS" are a rhyming, alphabet transportation series. Each book features 26 different vehicles from A-Z and from the US and around the world. My favorite things about this series: 1) I learned about so many fantastic trucks, trains, and boats while researching and writing these 3 books; 2) I LOVE Ryan O'Rourke's vibrant illustrations and the fact that he "hides" upper and lowercase letters in every scene (so cute and clever) ; 3. "Alphabet Trucks" is also a board book and that format is ideal for the littlest hands; and 4. At the end of "Alphabet Trains" and "Alphabet Boats" there is back matter (a fancy term for additional information) with description about each of the featured vehicles.

"THE CAZUELA THAT THE FARM MAIDEN STIRRED" is my second book (with the wonderful Rafael López) and has a companion book forthcoming called "THE PIÑATA THAT THE FARM MAIDEN HUNG" (to be illustrated by Sebastià Serra (cannot wait to see his work!!) ) . These stories are tributes to the classic nursery rhyme "The House That Jack Built." They are both cumulative tales - as the action builds, words repeat. These stories were so much fun to create. I was inspired to create "THE CAZUELA THAT THE FARM MAIDEN STIRRED" while cooking. In this story, a farmer and five farm animals each bring different ingredients to the cazuela (pot) that the farm maiden stirs. Together they create a surprise recipe. Glossary with pronunciation and recipe included. 2012 Pura Belpré Honor for lllustration, ALSC 2012 Notable Children's Book selection, STARRED reviews: KIRKUS REVIEWS & SLJ, a NY Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing Selection (2011) , TLA "2012 Texas 2x2 Reading List" Selection, and Fuse #8 Production "100 Magnificent Children's Books of 2011" selection.

"BEFORE YOU WERE HERE, MI AMOR" is my first published book and it was inspired by the birth of my sister's first child. It's a bilingual children's picture book about all the things one family does to welcome a new child into the world. "Best for Babies" - Parents Magazine (May 2009) . 2010 Washington State Book Award Winner - The Scandiuzzi Children's Book Award.

My family and I live in the Bay Area. I've lived on both coasts and the midwest - and have favo

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