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Looking for a way to organize all your meals for a week? With The Budget-Conscious Diabetes Meal Planner, weeknight meals will be quick and easy. It is a plan for one-stop shopping with recipes for the week to create great dinners your whole family will love.

Using this book, you can shop and organize the food over the weekend so that assembling the ingredients and just a little cooking will get a meal on the table in minutes throughout the week and more robust ingredients later in the week. They will also include money saving tips. Sections include: How to buy with a shopping list for each week. It will list foods by market department. Supermarkets are so big today that remembering something from the produce department when you're in the meat section is time consuming and annoying. The book will include a list of staple foods to keep in your pantry. This will make shopping times shorter and allow to use the freshest ingredients. There will be a chapter on How to store your items, once you get them home. Tips will be given on what to freeze and what to keep in the refrigerator for the week. Next, there will be a detailed section on how to prepare your meals. Complete recipes with nutritional analysis will be given for each day of the week. And finally, the book will list complete recipes, shopping lists, helpful hints and meal countdowns for each weekday, and Sunday meals for a month, plus, the projected costs of each meal.

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Linda Gassenheimer

Linda Gassenheimer is a TV and Radio Personality, Syndicated Journalist and Best Selling Author.
Her weekly National Public Radio program, Food News and Views, is heard on WLRN 91.3 FM and world-wide at wlrn.org. She has appeared many times on the Television Food Network and many other national TV shows. Her syndicated Dinner in Minutes column reaches over 6 million readers each week. In addition, she writes regularly for several other national publications. She is the author of several books. Her newest book, Flavors of the Florida Keys will be published in December, 2010. Her latest books are Mix N' Match Meals in Minutes for People with Diabetes, The Portion Plan, Prevention's Fit and Fast Meals in Minutes, Good-Carb Meals in Minutes, Good-Carb Diet for Life, and Low-Carb Meals in Minutes which reached number 1 on Amazon.com's bestseller list for all books and number 2 on the L.A. Times Hot Books List. . Visit Linda Gassenheimer on her website, www.DinnerInMinutes.com. Join her on Facebook.com.

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