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Nearly 10 million people in the United States have been told by their doctor that they have prediabetes, with tens of millions more estimated to have prediabetes and not know it. In fact, the latest numbers from the CDC suggest that nearly 1 in 3 adults currently have either prediabetes or diabetes. These are alarming numbers, and finding out that you are that one out of three can be even more alarming. Shock, denial, and confusion are not uncommon reactions.

But there is a flipside to learning you have prediabetes. It's scary, but it also means you've caught the condition just in time, before it's too late. Prediabetes does not mean you will develop diabetes. There are actions you can take to improve your health. Prediabetes: A Complete Guide, will reveal to you in detail what these actions are.

Written by Jill Weisenberger, a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, certified health and wellness coach, and author of the American Diabetes Association bestselling book, Diabetes Weight Loss -- Week by Week, this comprehensive guide will lead you through dozens of concrete steps you can take to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Taking an individualized approach to your lifestyle reset, the book will allow you to choose your own path to wellness and help you gain a greater sense of wellbeing, boost confidence in your abilities to maintain a healthful lifestyle, and potentially even help you reverse prediabetes, avoid type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses and have you feeling better than you have in years.

Inside, you will learn to:

Identify your risks for developing type 2 diabetesSet personalized and meaningful behavioral goalsIdentify and build on your motivation for a lifestyle resetCreate positive new habitsChoose wholesome foods in the supermarket and when away from homeChange eating habits for weight loss and greater insulin sensitivityTweak your favorite recipesReduce sedentary timeStart or improve upon an exercise planReduce stress eatingOrganize and track with tools included in the bookMuch more

Prediabetes can be scary, but it's also a huge opportunity&emdash;an opportunity to "reset," to improve your health, and to get yourself in better shape than ever. Let Prediabetes: A Complete Guide show you how.

About the Author

Jill Weisenberger

Jill is an internationally recognized nutrition and diabetes expert with more than two decades experience. Through writing, speaking and one-on-one coaching, Jill empowers people to grab control of their health. She has worked as both a nutrition counselor and a diabetes educator in the hospital and research settings, and now in private practice in Newport News, VA. Jill is known for her practical approach and caring attitude. Her no-nonsense strategies to eating well include foods that both taste good and are good for you.

Jill is a frequent guest on radio and television and regularly writes articles for a variety of magazines and websites. If she's not counseling patients, tethered to her computer or otherwise working, you might find her in the kitchen cooking up something nutritious and delicious. Other times she's out jogging, keeping up with her daughters, letting two dogs in and out, (and in and out again and again) or simply trying to sneak some quiet time with her husband. Learn more about Jill at www.jillweisenberger.com.

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