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Despite the many advances women have made since the internal combustion engine was invented, there is still one widely held belief that wont seem to go away that when it comes to cars, women should just leave it to the men. In Essential Car Care for Women, ESPN NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little and Discovery Channel Turbo Expert Danielle McCormick team up to dispel this myth once and for all—and to offer the indispensable, hard-won advice women need to buy, sell, and care for their cars with confidence.With this handy guide, women will learn how to save themselves money by performing basic—but essential—maintenance tasks on their own. Little and McCormick explain what an alternator, regulator, distributor, and timing belt are how to change a tire, recharge a flat battery, check the oil, and assess tire pressure what to do when a car breaks down or when an accident occurs how to buy a car without being taken advantage of and more.

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Jamie Little

"Essential Car Care For Women" is Little's first venture as an author. She and Danielle McCormick hope ladies of all ages will find their writing helpful, useful and educational.

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