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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOWGetting into the United States has always been considered fairly easy. That has all changed. New screening processes and restrictions have made visiting the U.S. a more involved process.Whether you are an attorney looking for immigration resources, or someone subject to immigration laws, U.S.A. Immigration Guide will help. With it you will understand United States immigration laws so your application process is less complicated. It explains the many ways a person can visit and immigrate to the United States and provides the necessary information to choose the best method for your individual situation.In simple language, it explains:-U.S. immigration and visa system-Best evidence to support your application-New types of work visas-Ways to avoid losing your visa status-Devastating effects of unlawful presence-Important changes since September 11, 2001New security measures will affect a visitor to the United States as he or she moves through the visa process.

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