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As vacationing Ben Candidi and Rebecca Levis sail through International Waters toward Grand Bahama Island, they receive a strange welcome—a sinking cabin cruiser with a dead man at the helm. Ben knows how to patch bullet holes below the waterline and Rebecca knows how to estimate time of death. And they agree that the West End marina is the right place to bring the body. To avoid trouble, they play it dumb and treat the cocaine-smuggling marina tenants as the divers and sport fishermen they are pretending to be. Unfortunately, the mailbox corporation in Miami that owns the yacht ignores Ben's $100,000 salvage claim—and the Bahamian police won't let him move the yacht to Florida. The harder Ben and Rebecca press their claim, the more sinister West End becomes.

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Dirk Wyle

Dirk Wyle's mystery-thrillers play out against an authentically rendered backdrop of biomedical science. His stories are informed by a long scientific career that included a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, postdoctoral work in Germany and service as a medical school professor in Miami ("Google" Duncan H. Haynes). He conducted research in abnormal blood coagulation and drug delivery and invented a drug microencapsulation technology (searchable at www.uspto.gov) which led to the founding of three companies employing approximately 65 people. Countless story ideas came as a byproduct of that quest, and eventual commercial success gave him leeway to create the Ben Candidi mystery-thriller series. Believing there are no stone walls separating the realms of popular science, serious literature, formal mystery and cliff-handing suspense, Dirk Wyle has created stories that play out in all four arenas. Protagonist Ben accepts "straightforward scientific" projects which quickly turn perplexing, mysterious and then sinister. With the help of fiancee Rebecca Levis, world health physician, Ben solves the mystery just before the bad guys (and gals) strike back. Like his protagonists Ben and Rebecca, Dirk Wyle does not regard work and play as necessarily separate activities. He enjoys researching the books' exotic locations, which include the waters of South Florida, the Bahamas and the Brazilian Amazon.

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