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"The poetry of Cruz's writing is what those who love his work cite most often about his style, and Sotto Voce has that. Yet it also contains passages that are realistic, whimsical, sensual and heartbreaking. Cruz may be that rarity, a poet of the stage, but he is first and foremost a dramatist." - The Miami HeraldAriel Strauss, a Jewish Cuban man, strives to explore his cultural history when he encounters Bemadette Kahn, an older woman and famed novelist who seeks to relive hers. Cruz's passionate romantic drama takes place in a dreamscape, somewhere between history and memory, present and past. Sotto Voce is a work of dramatic poetry and an imaginative exploration of nostalgia and the ensuing heartbreak it comes with.Nilo Cruz was the first Latino playwright to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play Anna in the Tropics.

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Nilo Cruz

Nilo Cruz is the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Anna in the Tropics, as well as Beauty of the Father, Two Sisters and a Piano, Lorca in a Green Dress, Dancing on Her Knees, Night Train to Bolina and other works.

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