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"Papá, I don't want to go to sleep. I'm scared." Everyone knows that the trick to putting children to bed is creating a bedtime routine, and in this new children's story from Victor Villaseñor, he recreates his own family's bedtime tradition. Papá tells his son that every night when he was a boy, his mother would sing him to sleep with the turtledove song. "Coo-coo-roo-coo-coooo," he sings, and tells the little boy about his very own Guardian Angel who will take him through the night sky to be reunited with God, or Papito Dios. "Then in the morning, you'll come back refreshed, rested, and powerful as the wind." As Papá sings the turtledove song to his son, he reminds the child that Mamá loves him, the dog and the cat love him, and his brothers and sisters love him too.

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Victor Villasenor

Victor Villasenor is a Mexican-American writer living in Oceanside, CA. He has overcome dyslexia to write 5 best sellers, which includes his epic family historical novel, 'Rain of Gold'! Victor had 265 rejections before he sold his first book. In addition to his 5 bestsellers Victor has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize THREE times! Today Rain of Gold is on the recommended reading list for the California State Board of Education. In 2005, the New York Public Library placed his book 'Burro Genius' on the list of Top Books for Teens.

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