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"Let's build a tree fort," Russell says to his dad when they move into a house with a big maple tree in the backyard. His dad doesn't know much about building, but he gamely follows Russell's plan. Several trips to the lumber store later, the tree fort is done. There is no slide, balcony or skylight like Russell imagined, but it is perfect -- right up until he notices another tree fort going up three houses over.

When Russell goes over to investigate, he meets Warren, whose bigger tree fort has castle turrets and working lights. Russell is in awe until it dawns on him that it's not worth worrying about who has the better tree fort when he has a loving dad there to build one with him.

In this subtle, humorous story, Jessica Scott Kerrin explores the idea of keeping up with the Joneses -- and what that means when you're a kid with a tree fort. Qin Leng's lighthearted watercolor illustrations show the unshakeable bond between a father and son, as well as the delightful details of two tree forts.

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Jessica Scott Kerrin

Jessica Scott Kerrin is a Canadian children's writer who is best known for her fiction books for boys, including an eight-book series called Martin Bridge, a trilogy called The Lobster Chronicles, and two new mystery novels called The Spotted Dog Last Seen and The Missing Dog is Spotted. Literary critics from Horn Book, Kirkus Starred Reviews, School Library Journal, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail claim that she adds much-needed male protagonists to early chapter-book readers. Her work has been a finalist for the Book of the Year for Children Award by the Canadian Library Association, the John Spray Mystery Award (Canadian Children's Book Centre) , The Rocky Mountain Book Award, the Manitoba Young Readers Award, and Atlantic Canada Children's Choice (Hackmatack) Awards. Her work is also included in the New York Public Library's Top 100 Children's Books, the Association of Canadian Publishers' Top Grade Canlit for Classrooms, Best Books of Exceptional Caliber by the Canadian Children's Book Centre, Best of Books by Horn Book, the Junior Library Guild Premier Selection and the Notable Books List by the American Library Association. Jessica's initial bucket list included having an astronaut autograph her first book about rockets. Having accomplished that feat, she's now added new items to her bucket list like having her stories translated into many different languages, seeing her work performed on stage or on screen, and meeting a published young writer whom Jessica helped inspire as part of a school book tour. That would be awesome!Born and raised in Alberta, where she completed a degree in political science and psychology from the University of Calgary, Jessica moved to Halifax to study at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Upon graduation with a fine arts degree, she later completed a graduate degree in public administration from Dalhousie University. She now resides in downtown Halifax, surrounded by shipyards, fog and historic cemeteries, where she continues to build her writing career, favoring east coast characters and settings for all her work.

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