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The fascinating stories of the animals that changed civilizations. Fifty Animals that Changed the Course of History is a beautifully presented guide to the animals that have had the greatest impact on human civilization. Entries are organized by scientific name, except for Homo sapiens, which is featured last. The 50 animals include the horse, dog, rat, whale, reindeer, beaver, flea, leech, dodo, falcon, oyster and shark. These creatures, great and small, have played central roles in the evolution of humankind, but they have remained at the periphery of our understanding of history. Whether it is an advancement in scientific knowledge, a trade war, disease and death, battles won and lost, or encounters with explorers in unknown lands, these animals have changed the course of history.

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Eric Chaline

Non-fiction author with an eclectic portfolio of some thirty published titles ranging from the popular history series, History's Greatest/Worst/Lost [insert topic here] and Fifty [insert topic here] that Changed the World to Strokes of Genius: A History of Swimming the winner of the 2018 Lord Aberdare Prize for that year's best book on sports history.

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