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The complete backpacker's food and cooking guide. The Trailside Cookbook is a practical guide to eating well on trips to the great outdoors. This book covers everything from planning to cooking to finding food in the wilderness. The book explains how food choices are affected by weather as well as by the length and type of the expedition, the number of participants and facilities of the base camp. Setting up a minimum-impact kitchen is explained along with storage, fire building and dousing. Cooking methods are detailed as well as essential cooking equipment. The book also covers packing light with basics and staples, instant foods, what to avoid taking, and sample item lists for a day, a weekend, and a four-day trip. For the adventurous, The Trailside Cookbook shows how to catch fish without a rod, scale and clean the catch, make birchbark containers, and purify natural water.

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Don Philpott

Don Philpott is the former editor of International Homeland Security Journal and has been writing, reporting, and broadcasting on international events, trouble spots, and major news stories for over forty years. For twenty years he was a senior correspondent with Press Association--Reuters, the wire service, and traveled the world on assignments, including Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, and Asia.
Formerly editor of Homeland Defense Journal, he writes for magazines and newspapers in the United States and Europe and is a regular contributor to radio and television programs on security and other issues. He is the author of more than 200 books on a wide range of subjects and has had more than five thousand articles printed in publications around the world. His most recent books are Integrated Physical Security Handbook,Securing Our Schools, and Is America Safe? He is also a coauthor of The Wounded Warrior Handbook and Workplace Violence Mitigation. He has also written more than 60 books on food, drink and travel.
Born in the United Kingdom, he is now an American citizen working out of Orlando, Florida.
He is President of the Wekiva Wilderness Trust, an instructor with the University of Florida's Florida Master Naturalist program, a Florida Master Gardener and a certified interpretive guide.

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