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TIERRA ... TWON ... HYPE ... SHANEECE ... QUAID ... FRIENDS, ENEMIES, OR BOTH? Tierra and Twon are the perfect high school couple, together two years with a rock solid relationship built on friendship and love. Twon wants to take it to the next level, but Tierra is struggling with her desire to please him and her need to stay true to a commitment she's made to herself. In the middle of this walks Shaneece, the new girl from Connecticut who knows an opportunity when she sees one. She's ready to take care of Twon's needs despite her friendship with Tierra, but a delicious bad boy named Hype is hooking her attention too. He's a player, but he's all heart - and he's been like brothers with Twon since childhood. The goody good in the group, Quaid, seems to have it all together on the surface, but he's had his eyes on Tierra for a long time, though he can't admit it to himself or anyone else.

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