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Life could appear perfect for those who are outside looking into Dr.'s Grace, Monae, and Erica's lives. They are smart, successful, and run their own business. Dr. Monae, and Dr. Erica are married to successful men while Dr. Grace is swearing off men. Dr. Monae is married to one of the most powerful men in Texas, Governor Greg Johnson, who is so consumed with looking good for his peers that he neglects his wife needs. When she starts having eyes for someone else, will she risk her career, and family just to feel loved? Dr. Erica knows that she could be more successful than she already is, and while working towards that goal, she neglects her husband, Bishop Duncan, needs, which is a need for children. When her husband starts to roam, will Dr. Erica, put her own selfish needs aside to give her husband what he so desperately wants? After Dr.

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