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Soon to be divorced, attorney Nora Linde is finding her way as a single mother, and even falling in love again, when she's asked by her childhood friend Detective Thomas Andreasson to help in a disturbing investigation. Marcus Nielsen, a university student, has apparently committed suicide, but it's what he's left behind that's so suspicious and damning: his research into the Coastal Rangers, an elite military group where, in 1977, a young cadet died under questionable circumstances, a sadistic sergeant went free, and a case went cold.When two of Nielsen's contacts are also found dead - and diaries of their tortuous training turn up missing - Thomas and Nora are certain that whatever happened three decades ago is unforgivable. And for someone who wants to keep those secrets buried - unforgettable.

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Viveca Sten

Photo by Thron Ullberg

Swedish writer Viveca Sten has sold over four million copies of her enormously popular Sandhamn Murders series. In 2015, her eighth novel, the hugely successful I sanningens namn (In the name of truth) , was published in Sweden and cemented her place as one of the country's most popular authors. Her Sandhamn Murders novels continue to top the bestseller charts and have been made into a successful Swedish-language TV miniseries, which has been broadcast around the world to sixty million viewers. Sten lives in Stockholm with her husband and three children, but she prefers to spend her time visiting Sandhamn to write and vacation with her family.

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