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Him A few steps into my stroll towards her, the gossip looked at me and nodded my way. Creole looked up and we locked eyes. Praying she wouldn't try to put me out and cause a scene, my steps towards her slowed down, but I kept going after her. I would always go after her. Her This was the man I promised to love and respect and spend the rest of my life with. This was also the man that put my health and life in jeopardy because of a drunken night. How could I separate the two? Them They promised to love each other for better or worse. Until death pulled them apart. But before Creole could walk down the aisle to marry Nyameka, they were slapped in the face with Kimberly Simpson's rape allegation. Nyameka makes it his priority to not only clear his name, but to regain the trust of the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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B. Love

Master storyteller, B. Love, is the unparalleled self-love teacher. As the powerhouse for modern-day womanhood, she pens contagious content that encourages readers to internalize admiration and intimacy. She allows her most powerful vessel to guide her stories, wholly.

Since age 12, Love has been spreading self-awareness, care, and appreciation. For over six years, Love has authored over 40 publications centered around heart-piercing, reverence-worthy romance. Her novels not only entertain but challenge the audience to explore love. With a keen eye for passion, desire and dynamism she includes heuristic methods in her beautifully curated accounts of life.

B. Love's entire persona is spearheaded by her incredible infatuation with the power of love. Contained within each novel, is an edification created for the glorification of self. Her pen bleeds for the souls who need just an inkling of empowerment. Each story is written with the intent to enlighten, engross and enkindle the passion in whoever picks up her book.

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Standalone romance novels

Just Say You Love Me
If You Ever Change Your Mind (JSYLM spinoff)
The Ashes: The Medina Sisters' Story
Give Me Something I Can Feel
Saving All My Love for You (GMSICF spinoff)
In Haven
Weak: An Irresistible Love
To Take: A Novella
Love Me Until I Love Myself

Urban romance that can be read in any order

To Be Loved by You
If You Give Me Yours
I'll Give You Mine (IYGMY spinoff)
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Urban romance that must be read in order

Kailani and Bishop: A Case of the Exes
Alayziah: When Loving him is Complicated
Teach Me how to Love Again
- Can be read alone in this order -
Power and Elle
Rule and Camryn
- All of the above must be read before reading -
Young Love in Memphis

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