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"A relevant, compelling, and compassionate look at the torture of conflicted loyalties and the slipperiness of truth." - Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Lost Family

In this evocative debut novel, Katrin Schumann weaves a riveting story of past and present - and how love can lead us astray.

At twenty-four, Katie Gregory feels like life is looking up: she's snagged a great job in New York City and is falling for a captivating artist - and memories of her traumatic past are finally fading. Katie's life fell apart almost a decade earlier, during an idyllic summer at her family's cabin on Eagle Lake when her best friend accused her father of sexual assault. Throughout his trial and imprisonment, Katie insisted on his innocence, dodging reporters and clinging to memories of the man she adores.

Now he's getting out. Yet when Katie returns to the shuttered lakeside cabin, details of that fateful night resurface: the chill of the lake, the heat of first love, the terrible sting of jealousy. And as old memories collide with new realities, they call into question everything she thinks she knows about family, friends, and, ultimately, herself. Now, Katie's choices will be put to the test with life-altering consequences.

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Katrin Schumann

I'm a journalist, editor and teacher, and the mother of three. As part of my on-going research into modern family life, I've conducted hundreds of focus groups and interviews, run surveys, established an online forum for women and a blog related to my first book, MOTHERS NEED TIME OUTS, TOO. My work with Dr. Catherine Salmon on birth order--in particular middle children--has been especially fascinating as it is my first time looking at families from a scientific viewpoint rather than a cultural or historical one. The result is THE SECRET POWER OF MIDDLE CHILDREN. As the mother of a middle child, I'm convinced they're unique and underappreciated. I've been featured on TODAY, in Women's Day and The Daily Telegraph, among other media outlets. I learned the hard way that orange is not a good TV color. I attended Oxford University (BA) and Stanford (MA) , and am the recipient of the Kogan Media Award. Before going freelance, I worked behind-the-scenes in television and at NPR stations throughout the U.S. Currently, I teach in a women's prison and write books.

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