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It looks like an open-and-shut case -- until one of the Retired Detectives disappears ... When movie producer Cody Ziegler goes missing from The Homestead's Millionaires' Row, his wife, retired actress Olivia, immediately claims there's foul play afoot. A million-dollar ransom demand soon follows, with clear instructions not to involve the cops. In desperation she enlists the help of Moira, Rick, Philip and Lizzie, aka the Retired Detectives Club.Racing against the clock, the four retirees set to work. Sure, Cody had enemies -- there's a disgruntled employee, a jilted film-maker and a hundred other people who know how much he's worth. But when it emerges that Cody's apparently perfect marriage isn't what it seems, even Olivia isn't above suspicion.When Cody's car turns up in a nearby lake with a shocking surprise inside, the case becomes even more complicated.

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