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A man consumed by a meaningless life is going to do something he's never considered doing before. He's going to enjoy the day ...

For hyper-particular publishing heir Jonathan Grief, the day starts like any other - with a strict morning fitness regimen that'll keep his divorced, easily irritated, cynical, forty-two-year-old self in absolutely flawless physical condition. But all it takes to put a crimp in his routine is one small annoyance. Someone has left a leather-bound day planner with the handwritten title Your Perfect Year in his spot on his mountain bike at his fitness course!

Determined to discover its owner, Jonathan opens the calendar to find that someone known only as "H." has filled it in with suggestions, tasks, and affirmative actions for each day. The more he devotes himself to locating the elusive H., the deeper Jonathan is drawn into someone else's rich and generous narrative - and into an attitude adjustment he desperately needs.

He may have ended up with a perfect year by accident, but it seems fate has set Jonathan on a path toward healing, feeling, and maybe even loving again ... if only he can meet the stranger who's changing his life one day at a time.

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Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte Lucas is the pseudonym of Wiebke Lorenz. Born and raised in Düsseldorf, she studied German, English, and media studies at Trier University and now lives in Hamburg. In collaboration with her sister, she has written more than a dozen bestselling novels under the pseudonym Anne Hertz. In Your Perfect Year Charlotte embarks on a search for the answers to the large and small questions of life.

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