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Being strategic about what you eat is an incredibly important part of a healthy diet - but so is paying attention to when you eat. Intermittent fasting has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, cellular repair, immune, cognitive, and metabolic benefits. By banking more hours fasted and choosing meals wisely to optimize fat burning instead of carbohydrate dependency, you can shed excess body fat once and for all. But there are many strategies to practice intermittent fasting, and there is also a lot of confusion about how to do it well. It's not as simple as skipping breakfast to magically transform your health and waistline. Thankfully, health and fitness expert Mark Sisson is ready to answer common questions and dispel misconceptions and pitfalls that many people have about this latest health phenomenon.

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Mark Sisson

Health and fitness expert Mark Sisson is the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet and founding father of the ancestral health movement. His blog, MarksDailyApple.com, and Primal Blueprint lifestyle program has paved the way for primal enthusiasts to challenge conventional wisdom's diet and exercise principles and take personal responsibility for their health and well-being. From its humble - and controversial - beginnings in 2006, Mark's Daily Apple has grown into one of the highest-ranked health information resources on the Internet, with some three million unique visitors each month. An entrepreneur presiding over a wide-ranging primal enterprise, his fledgling Primal Kitchen healthy condiment line was acquired by Kraft-Heinz in 2018. Mark, 66, has a BA in biology from Williams College and is a former world-class endurance athlete, with a 2:18 marathon and a fourth-place finish in the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championships to his credit. Today, Mark directs his competitive energies into high-stakes Ultimate Frisbee tournaments against competitors decades younger on the battlefields of Miami Beach, FL.

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