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PCOS is the most common cause of anovulatory infertility. More than that, the symptoms of the syndrome can cause significant emotional distress and long-term health consequences. Most women who receive a diagnosis of PCOS have no idea what that means. This book picks up where a diagnosis leaves off. In Thriving with PCOS: From Diagnosis to Wellness, Kelly Morrow-Baez, aka the FitShrink, draws upon her personal experience with PCOS and professional background in mental health and gives readers all the information and tools they need to create a lasting healthy lifestyle change. This book is written from a mindset perspective and provides a comprehensive overview of PCOS and a solid foundation for the reader to design a lifestyle strategy for total wellness.

It's widely known that lifestyle strategies are helpful when it comes to PCOS; however, most women struggle to implement them in a consistent way. This book goes beyond the typical recommendations and empowers each reader to decide what the best approach is for herself. Motivation is enhanced with explanations of how stress, medications, and eating habits are all connected to insulin resistance.

In addition to helping the reader understand the impact of insulin resistance, Morrow-Baez delves into the connection between lifestyle choices and emotional wellness and demystifies the link between them so that if you are suffering from anxiety or depression you know precisely what will work for you to start feeling better. Depression, anxiety, stress management are explored. Morrow-Baez explains how you can enhance connections with your health care providers and become a part of the team, rather than a bystander in your medical care. Pre-packaged lifestyle strategies are as unhelpful as processed food. The key is to design and implement a personalized strategy that is as unique as you are.

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