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An inquisitive baby badger is drawn to discover the world outside his den in an endearing, delightfully illustrated father-and-child story.Baby Badger sleeps all day in his snuggly burrow. When he wakes, he explores every nook of his home and wants to know "what's next?" So Daddy takes him to the dark forest above to roll in soft moss and snuffle in bluebell bulbs and watch the silvery moon setting, a signal that night is ending and it's time to go home. But if daytime is "what's next," how can Baby Badger sleep without seeing that? So he slips out alone to see the brilliant flowers and birds and to feel the yellow sun hot on his fur. Cozy illustrations and a child-friendly text depict a curious little creature dazzled by the world's natural wonders - and a doting father who is there to guide him back if "what's next" turns out to take him a bit too far.

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Timothy Knapman

I've always loved writing stories - funny ones especially. I try to make my books as exciting as possible because I know how much I enjoyed the books I read when I was small. I am very conscious that it's now my turn to introduce children to the joys of reading, and to create a book habit that will last a lifetime.That doesn't mean I want to make things easy, because I think easy is boring - especially for kids. I want my young readers to be thrilled and entertained - but also challenged and stretched.Each time I start a story - even if it's part of a series about the same character, such as my three Mungo adventures - I want it to be completely different from anything I've written before. Now I've written a few, though, I do see the same themes popping up: friendship is one, and adventure another.One of the great delights of writing children's books is that you get to work with illustrators. (People who only write for grown-ups must be green with envy!) They are all amazingly talented and inspiring. It is a huge thrill to open your own book for the first time and see it brought to such stunning life by their dazzling imaginations.But don't take my word for it - check out my books!You can find out more about me and my work at www.timothyknapman.com.

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