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Meet the master of magical creatures: Sophie Johnson! She's an expert on unicorns ... or so she thinks!

Sophie is a unicorn expert. She dresses up her toys, stuffed animals, and even her baby brother as unicorns! But living with enchanted animals can be tricky business. And Sophie is so caught up in teaching others that she fails to notice the magic right under her nose.

This funny and fresh picture book tells the story of a unicorn hiding in plain sight and a little girl who is totally oblivious to his presence!

About the Author

Morag Hood

Morag Hood is a children's author and illustrator from Edinburgh. Her debut picture book 'Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea' was a runner up in the Macmillan Prize in 2014. Morag studied Costume Design at Wimbledon College of Art and worked backstage in theatre before applying for the MA in Children's Book illustration from Cambridge School of Art. After graduating in 2015 she moved back to her native Edinburgh where she now works with a view of the hills. Morag uses collage and printing techniques, and loves a freshly sharpened pencil.www.moraghood.co.uk

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