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Boost Your Health and Achieve Optimal Wellness with Delicious, Nutritious & Cruelty-Free Vegan Baking Recipes...YUM!!!! TOTALLY GUILT-FREE! You are just about to discover a myriad of super tasty, 100% vegan baking recipes that are jump-packed with nutrition and will help you get the body & energy you want. Are you a demanding vegan (or wish to become one) ? -Are you sick and tired of pseudo vegan recipe books that promote honey or whey protein powder and eggs? (brrr....) -Are you looking for quick and effective solutions to enjoy your vegan lifestyle and boost your nutrition so that you stay energized, happy and in great shape? If the answer yes- you have just found a simple solution ... . This collection of vegan baking recipes is free from highly refined carbohydrates, highly refined sugars and dairy.

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Karen Greenvang

If you want to make your health journey meaningful, exciting and fun and you are a demanding vegan (or want to become one) , you have come to the right place!

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