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"Elmore has lots of love to give but making friends has been hard for this prickly little porcupine. A tender story about differences and the road to friendship that isn't always easy but is always worth it." - Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

The creator of the Toot & Puddle series brings us Elmore--the warmhearted porcupine sure to steal the hearts of a new generation of Holly Hobbie fans!

Elmore is a porcupine desperate to make friends. But it is hard to seek closeness with others when you're covered with spikes that shoot off your back every so often. Elmore suffers rejection and heartbreak, but the goodness of his forest community ultimately shines through as the animals find a way to connect with this prickly bundle of love.

Holly Hobbie is the creator of the beloved Toot & Puddle series and now brings us a character for the next generation. Just as charming, funny, and good-hearted as her little pigs, Elmore the porcupine will snuggle and prickle his way securely into the picture-book canon.

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Holly Hobbie

Birthed with the name of Denise Holly Ulinskas in 1944, Holly Hobbie first sold her distinctive artwork of the little cat-loving girl who carries herself in a rag dress and giant bonnet. It wasn't until she married Douglas Hobbie in 1964 when she named her originally nameless character after her. When the first images of the rag-clothed little girl came to the public's consciousness, the character has been nothing but the most common design chosen to grace greeting cards. When the girl's popularity started to soar high, that's when people started to adopt the name "Holly Hobbie" in reference to the character's creator.

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