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Help Archer find his missing turtle hiding in the pages of this picture book!How Many Times Have I Told You to Pick Up This Room? Archer's pet turtle is missing! Mom is sure he's somewhere in Archer's messy bedroom...or the back yard... or somewhere in the house. Archer looks everywhere inside and out but can't find his turtle until he learns to think like one! However, sharp-eyed young readers will easily find the missing pet hiding thoughout the messy pages of this book.Here is an imaginative and interactive story with the added bonus of showing why it's a good idea to pick up your toys.

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Barbara Bottner

Barbara Bottner began writing for children in the 1970's, when she broke her leg doing off-Broadway Theater and decided to consider a different career. Having gotten a degree in painting, she began to hang out in the children's book section of libraries and bookstores. She was amazed at the originality of the art and fell in love with picture books. Slightly fickle, she also wrote I Can Reads, eventually middle grade and YA novels. She stretched out into writing for television and film and also published essays and short stories in national magazines. She returned to writing books for children and Bootsie Barker Bites, illustrated by Peggy Rathmann, a classic, was translated into eight languages and animated for television. Barbara prevailed upon her MD husband, Gerald Kruglik, to co-write Wallace's Lists, illustrated by Olof Landstrom, which was also animated, (Weston Woods) is translated into Swedish and is forthcoming in French.
Barbara collaborated with Michael Emberley, resulting in Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don't) . Anyone who's ever struggled with falling in love with reading, or is the parent or teacher of a picky reader will rejoice in the way Miss Brooks handles a curmudgeon of a first grader. Miss Brooks Loves Books has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List and is nominated for the prestigious Bill Martin Jr. Award. Barbara teaches writing and consults with writers all over the country; she was honored to receive the New School Distinguished Teaching Award in 1990.

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