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Thirteen-year-old twins Vick and Tara have built an incredible machine - a loyal robotic watchdog named Daisy. But, when local crime boss Ms. Alba schemes to add Daisy to her robot army, Vick and Tara must go to great lengths to protect their prized pet. Because Daisy is more than just any robot - she's their constant protector, and together the three make a great team.

Vick and Tara are determined to stop the mob from tearing their little family apart. And they might just succeed! Sure, the evil Ms. Alba has more robot watchdogs, but none are as smart - or as faithful - as their Daisy. Plus, if things get too dangerous, Tara could always upgrade their pet. With her mechanical skills, she could make Daisy bigger, stronger, and a lot more intimidating!

"Engaging, suspenseful, and with nearly all the vivid fighting confined to robots, this gritty tale is perfect for a younger audience than most post-apocalyptic stories." - Kirkus Reviews

"This compelling drama with cool tech themes and bad guys getting their comeuppance is a winner." - SLJ

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Will McIntosh

Will McIntosh is a science fiction and young adult author, a Hugo award winner and a winner or finalist for twelve other SF awards. His newest books are UNBREAKABLE, a #1 bestseller SF dystopian thriller, and FALLER, a wild apocalyptic SF novel. WATCHDOG, a middle grades adventure SF book, is due out in 2017 from Penguin Random House. His novel DEFENDERS was optioned by Warner Brothers for a feature film, while LOVE MINUS EIGHTY, about women trapped in a cryogenic dating center, has been optioned for a TV Series, and was named the best science fiction book of 2013 by the American Library Association. Will was a psychology professor before turning to writing full-time, and still teaches part time at The College of William and Mary. Originally from New York, he lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with his wife and their twins.

You can follow Will on Twitter: @willmcintoshSF,
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillMcIntoshSF/? fref=ts
or on his website: www.willmcintosh.net.

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