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A laugh-out-loud, realistic portrayal of a freshman year in college for fans of Broad City. Getting in is just the beginning. Phoebe can't wait to get to college. On her own, discovering new things, no curfew . . . she'll be free. And she'll be totally different: cooler, prettier, smarter . . . the perfect potential girlfriend. Convenient: the only person from her high school also going to York is her longtime crush, Luke. Luke didn't set out to redefine himself, but as soon as he arrives on campus, he finds himself dumping his long-term long-distance girlfriend. And the changes don't stop there. In fact, being on a soccer team is the only thing that stays the same. Just when things start looking up (and Phoebe and Luke start hooking up) , drama looms on the horizon.

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Tom Ellen

Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison are Young Adult novelists from London, England. They met in high school and dated for two years. They broke up at university, but remained close friends and started to write books together in 2012. Lucy is a teacher and school librarian, and also runs the online teen magazine whateverafter.co.uk. Tom is a journalist and has written for Time Out, Glamour, NME, Vice, Empire, ShortList, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, talkSPORT and Viz Comic.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tomellenandlucyivison/

Twitter - twitter.com/lucyivison

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