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Why are there famines, diseases, earthquakes, fires, crime, war, death and human suffering? Doesn't God care? If so, then why does He allow it to continue? Is there even an answer? There is, and I will answer it. God gives us the answer and it is in the Holy Bible, you just know where to look and how to understand how God views such suffering. We all have had bad things happen, and many of us know others that have probably suffered more than ourselves. All over the world there are troubles, either because of natural disasters or man's inhumanity to man. Today the world is rushing towards a climax that will end in a battle that will destroy all life from our planet. Only God's intervention will stop our own extinction! This book explains why all the suffering, the troubles, the evil in the world.

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Kenneth Edward Barnes

Kenneth Edward Barnes has been called, "A modern day Mark Twain" by a local newspaper reporter. "He shows a Twain sense of humor in conversation and in his writing. He writes in the 'down to earth' style that Twain used to capture the heart of America."

He was born on April 4, 1951, along the banks of Little Pigeon Creek in the southern tip of Indiana, downstream from where Abraham Lincoln grew up. As a child, he loved fishing from the muddy banks of the creek and roaming in the nearby woods. He never missed an opportunity to be in the outdoors where he could see all of God's creation.

Ken is a nationally published writer, poet and the author of over seventy-five books. Some of his most popular ones are: A Cabin in the Woods; Mysteries of the Bible; Madam President; Life along Little Pigeon Creek; A Children's Story Collection; God's Golden Sparrow; My Favorite Poems, and Barnestorming the Outdoors. This could soon change, however, as he has recently written several others.

The author became a member of Hoosier Outdoor Writers in 1993, where he has won several awards from them in their annual writing contest. He has also been a guest speaker for the Boy Scouts, Daughters of the American Revolution, Teachers Reading Counsel, Kiwanis Club, and at several schools, libraries and churches.

Ken has been an outdoor columnist and contributing editor for several newspapers and magazines: Ohio Valley Sportsman, Kentucky Woods and Waters, Southern Indiana Outdoors, Fur-Fish-Game, Wild Outdoor World, Mid-West Outdoors, and a hard cover book called From the Field. He has written for the Boonville Standard, Perry County News, Newburgh Register and Chandler Post. He has had poems published locally and nationally. One called The Stranger went to missionaries around the world. The poem, Princess, was also published locally and nationally, and won honorable mention in a national contest. His best-loved poem is called Condemned, and has been published by the tens of thousands. Nearly every single poem he has written is in his books, Poems from the Heart and My Favorite Poems.

Ken has worked for an Evansville, Indiana, television station where he had outdoor news segments aired that he wrote, directed and edited. He also had film clips that were aired on the national television shows Real TV and Animal Planet. At this time, he has several short videos on YouTube and on GodTube.

Studying nature since childhood, he is a self-taught ornithologist and a conservationist. In 2009, he became founder and president of the Golden Sparrow Nature Society, the name of which was chosen because of his first published book. Ken loves to share his knowledge and love of nature, and it has been said that he is a walking encyclopedia on birds and animals.

He has followed his dream of being a writer and now lives in a cabin in the woods. Be

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